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 Insulated Roller Doors
Insulated Roller Garage Doors offer a stylish solution to all types of property. We offer the highest specification roller doors in the UK market as standard, incorporating high security guide channels, full roller housings, intelligent safety systems and remote control electric operation with courtesy light. Our doors come complete with a manual override facility to be utilised in the event of power failure.
High Security
Automatically locking on closure, all doors have no handles to be tampered with and offer no leverage points for would-be intruders. High strength mouldings secure the roller profiles in place with heavy duty 90mm guide channels as standard.
Intelligent Safety System
All doors offer the very latest in safety features.
The safety sensor ensures no risk of injury to family
or pets, automatically retracting into the enclosure,
if an obstruction is detected.
Remote Controlled Operation
Simply press the button and the door glides open.
The remote control utilizes a rolling encrypted code to
ensure a unique signal. Operational from up to 50m, you
will never again have to struggle with heavy doors.
Heat, Sound & Insulation
All roller profiles are insulated with polyurethane foam to minimise heat loss.
Classic Roller Door
All doors are made to measure. The Classic 77mm profile will span up to 5.5 metres. As standard, the curtain will retract into a 300mm enclosure, running vertically within guide channels. Vision profiles can be incorporated to ensure light penetration. Available in a full range of attractive colours, the Classic is the ultimate roller garage door.
Compact Roller Door
To complement the standard product, we offer a 55m profile
for applications where headroom may be an issue. The curtain
retracts into a 205mm enclosure, up to an opening height of
2150mm (2355 overall height). The Compact door is available
in a limited colour range. Please refer to the colour chart below.

Space Saving
Conventional garage doors take up a lot of room. All doors
retract into a neat roll and are fitted with full aluminium safety
housing as standard. Wherever viable the guide channels should
be fitted to the face of internal pillars to maximize opening widths.

 A Range Of Attractive Colours
The polyester powder coated finishes are stylish and durable. Wood effect colours complement the standard colour range. (* denotes availability in the Compact model range)
 Engineering Excellence
Our suppliers' manufacture and design facilities are complimented by the technical expertise of Alukon
Germany, the market leader in roller shutter technology. Every door is made in accordance with
BS EN ISO 9001: 2000. All doors come complete with a 2 year guarantee on all manufactured parts, and 5 years on
the electric motor. The exterior door finish has a limited 10 year guarantee.
Professional Installation
 All doors are fitted by our own engineers, backed by appropriate product and installation guarantees.