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 Roller Garage Doors
Roller doors are the ideal solution for homes where space on the driveway is at a premium or where the drive through width into the garage is narrow. The door curtain rolls up around a drum, with no out-swing or arc of travel as it opens and closes. This allows you to park right up to the door and to use the overhead space within the garage. There's normally no need for a timber frame and, as the door is installed behind the brickwork opening, it is ideal for arched garages. All roller doors are supplied with a tough and durable fully finished Plastisol exterior coat with a wide range of attractive colours. Once installed, your door will not need to be painted - the occasional wash will keep it looking like new.
 The door ‘rolls’ around a drum mechanism which houses the spring and the motor for automatic doors. As there is no ‘kick out’ as the door opens and closes, you can park right up to the door, ideal for short driveways.
 Doors are made from a continuous steel curtain which rolls around a maintenance free nylon drum housing the tension spring and mechanism.

For an added touch of luxury, all our roller doors can be supplied with remote control electric operation to allow you to open your door from the comfort and safety of your car. Remote controlled roller doors can be supplied with as many mini-hand transmitters as you require. With a 'rolling code' transmission, the security code moves onto a new code within a choice of two billion options, making the code virtually impossible to copy. An in-built obstruction sensor and safety reverse ensures that trapped objects are sensed as the door closes to allow the object to free itself. With an in-built automatic courtesy light to welcome you home and even an auto-close facility for the forgetful, an automatic roller door could add a touch of luxury to your life.

A full width aluminium bottom rail with integral weather strip gives extra strength to the door. 
 Dual locking bars secure into full height steel guides.


 HP200 Plastisol Finishes - Roller doors
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