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Up & Over Garage Doors

The world is becoming more colourful every day and garage doors are no exception. We offer many one-piece up & over doors in the widest range of colours, designs and finishes. So you can choose a garage door to complement your home, safe in the knowledge that the door finish is guaranteed for up to ten years. 

There are so many different styles, construction materials, colours and finishes that it would be impossible to list them all. Below are some of the options available:
Firstly we must decide which operating gear best suits your requirements:
There are 3 types of lifting gear for up and over doors - canopy, tracked and Optimizer. 

Canopy lifting gear is the most common as it is the quickest to fit and the lowest price.
 Tracked lifting gear uses horizontal tracks to support the door in the open position.  This is ideal for remote control operation and is the standard lifting gear for double sized doors. The springs are located on the frame legs, on either side of the door.
Optimizer lifting gear installs quickly (like canopy) and has tracks on the side of the door panel. This helps to 'Optimize' the opening (so there's less worry about scraping car wing mirrors). It's also ideal for using with a remote control system.


Next we must decide which material best suits your needs:

Steel doors offer huge design range and excellent value for money. Please click here for Steel Doors                      

GRP Doors offer long life and low maintenance with out compromising on looks. Please click here for GRP Doors
Timber Doors offer truly beautiful looks handcrafted from replenishable sources. Please click here for Timber Doors
We must also decide weather to have a timber or steel frame:
And of course, manual or electric?
 A steel door frame, finished to match the door means timber frames can be a thing of the past.
 All up and over doors can be fitted with a remote control system so you can open and close the door at the touch of a button from up to 50m away.
There are a range of systems to suit each door, each supplied with 2 handsets which use rolling code technology with over 74 trillion combinations to ensure the code cannot be copied.
Safe and Secure
All doors with tracked and Optimizer operating
gear are factory fitted with 4 point sprung lever action locking as standard.
All doors with canopy operating gear are factory fitted with 2 point sprung lever action locking, preventing
the door from being levered open.
Henderson one-piece up and over doors are supplied with a
separate handle and eurocylinder lock (preventing access by
attacking a joint handle/lock mechanism) and factory
fitted mulit-point security as standard.